New Orleans Jazz Funeral for tuba player Kerwin James

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Uploaded by on Oct 17, 2007

A traditional New Orleans Jazz Funeral for the late tuba player Kerwin James. He died in Oct. 2007. Alot of viewers have been asking whats the reason for rocking the casket, it's so he can dance one last time. I also have a Mardi Gras Black Indian Funeral video on here too. I must WARN you it is'nt your "typical" funeral. For more videos, pics and New Orleans unique culture check out my myspace page at




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  • I'm jealous of this guy. He gets sent off by his friends and family in a such a way that they dance and smile for him. This is love.

  • Lord! That's the way I wanna go out! A brass band playing Just a Closer WAlk, makng the people feel good. Great video. Thanks.

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  • Beautiful - Wish I could go this way!

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Terribly moving, sad & uplifting.

  • the epitome of jazz , good old new orleans improvisation.

  • People who love life leave it that way.

  • I have decided that this will be what my funeral will be like.

  • Beautiful Greetings from Lafayette friends. :)

  • @Alphonse132 it's called just a closer walk with thee

  • What a fantastic way to go home,eh?? When its my time,i would want this!

  • @TheLamy89 "Nearer, My God, to Thee

  • Awwww, that was beautiful, what a wonderful celebration

  • who  is this song by?

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