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Border 2020

What is Border 2020?

Key differences between Border 2012 and 2020

Border 2020 includes:

  • An 8-year implementation horizon
  • Five new guiding principles
  • 2-Year Action Plans that account for resource and priority changes and that consider the particular needs of a community or geographic area
  • Indicators and Communication Committees
  • A stronger communication component
  • Updated goals and objectives

The Border 2020 Program is the latest environmental program implemented under the 1983 La Paz Agreement. It builds on the Border 2012 Environmental Program, emphasizing regional, bottom-up approaches for decision making, priority setting, and project implementation to address the environmental and public health problems in the border region. As in Border 2012, the new Program encourages meaningful participation from communities and local stakeholders.

The Border 2020 Program also strengthens its focus in regional areas where environmental improvements are needed most: establishing thematic goals, supporting the implementation of projects, considering new fundamental strategies, and encouraging the achievement of more ambitious environmental and public health goals.