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Vendor List

EPA has developed a central repository for EPA-wide contracting information relating to the Gold King Mine incident. This central repository includes information that will be listed for viewing by agents acting on behalf of the government as well as contractors interested in supporting Gold King Mine incident activities.

Note: Inclusion on the list does not constitute endorsement of any listed vendor. EPA offers no guarantee of any kind as to the vendor’s qualifications, responsibility, socio-economic status, technical or past performance, nor the validity of any technical claims. EPA has not evaluated, prequalified or certified these vendors in any way, for any Gold King Mine incident procurement.

Vendors or contractors interested in doing business related to the Gold King Mine incident  should send an email containing ALL the following information:

  1. Contractor Name
  2. Contractor Address
  3. Contractor Point of Contact
  4. Point of Contact Phone Number
  5. Website Address
  6. Type of Product of Service Available
  7. Description of Products, Services, Capabilities, NAICS Codes
  8. Primary Media or Technical Emphasis
  9. Socio-Economic Status

Send the email to Michael Barton at Barton.Michael@epa.gov.

More information about On-Scene Coordinator warrent and doing business related to Gold King Mine