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美国国家环境保护局 - 中文 (简体版)



若需申报油状物与化学品泄 漏和 辐射性物质流出,致电国家应急 中心, 1-800-424-8802

如需要急救措施,致电中毒控制中心, 1-800-222-1222。

Resources in Simplified Chinese Language


环境健康 Environmental Health

一般信息 General Information

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大气 Air

Available in PDF  版

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水与鱼类食用问题 Water; Fish Consumption

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  • 自来水 (中文繁体) (36页, 3,510 KB)
    Water on tap

  • 鱼贝汞风险须知 (2页 , 810 KB)
    What You Need to Know about Mercury in Fish and Shellfish

  • 饮用水 (4页 , 1,200 KB)
    Drinking water information

  • 技术文件Technical documents:
    • 船舶普通许可证 (2页, 411 KB)
      Applicability, general requirements, and example effluent limits for the 2008 Vessel General Permit.

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农药与有毒物质 Pesticides and Toxic Substances

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健康与环境资料 Health and environmental information

突发环境事件 Emergencies