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Research Grants

Tribal Environmental Health Research Program Related Links

EPA Tribal Portal

 American Indian Tribal Portal Logo The EPA Tribal Portal was created as a gateway to EPA environmental information specifically related to tribal governments, such as environmental policies, practices and laws.

The American Indian Environmental Office (AIEO)

 AIEO Logo The American Indian Environmental Office (AIEO) coordinates the Agency-wide effort to strengthen public health and environmental protection in Indian country, with a special emphasis on helping tribes administer their own environmental programs.

Tribal Science Council

The Tribal Science Council is a forum for interaction between Tribal and Agency representatives to work collaboratively on environmental science issues. The Council is committed to the development of sound scientific approaches to meet the needs of Tribes.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tribal Partners Program

 IAQ Tribal Partners Program Logo IAQ Tribal Partners Program This Web site aims to further empower champions of healthy IAQ in tribal communities with tools for networking, sharing innovative and promising programs and practices, and by serving as a reservoir of the best available tribal-specific IAQ information and materials.

Tribal-Focused Environmental Risk and Sustainability Tool (Tribal-FERST)

EPA’s Tribal-Focused Environmental Risk and Sustainability Tool (Tribal-FERST) is a web-based information and mapping tool designed to provide tribes with easy access to the best available human health and ecological science.