About Our Name

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Logo

The name SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory pays homage to the legacy of the lab and its connection to Stanford University and the Department of Energy (DOE). Formerly Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, the lab's name was changed in 2008 as SLAC underwent a shift from a focus on particle physics to a broader, multi-program laboratory with research across a range of areas including X-ray science, chemistry, materials sciences, astrophysics and many others.

The words “National Accelerator Laboratory” signify SLAC’s role as one of 17 DOE national laboratories and one of three DOE national accelerator laboratories (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility are the others). The DOE’s national labs are powerhouses of science and technology for the nation and are home to some of the world’s most powerful experiments, fastest supercomputers and preeminent researchers.