Accelerator Directorate

PHOTO: SLAC's linear accelerator above ground housing at night.

Accelerator science and technology have been at the core of SLAC’s mission from the beginning, when our two-mile linear accelerator opened for revolutionary experiments in high-energy physics. Today, the Accelerator Directorate operates and maintains SLAC’s existing accelerators to provide the highest possible level of performance.

Accelerator employees improve the capabilities of existing accelerators, support the construction of new ones and develop advanced technologies needed for future accelerators. They support SLAC’s science mission and the needs of the Department of Energy research complex and educate the next generation of accelerator scientists and engineers.

The Accelerator Directorate’s goal is to continue to provide the best accelerator technologies to the nation and the world, ensuring that SLAC remains the laboratory of choice for establishing future accelerators at the frontier of science.

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SLAC is developing the next generation of accelerator technologies for science, medicine, industry and homeland security, and we collaborate with industry on research aimed at developing useful products.

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