Visitor Maps

Visitor Map
Building Name Number Grid
Administration and Engineering Building(A&E) 41 30-C
Alpine Gate Entrance (badge required for access) 88 40-I
Arrillaga Recreation Center 55 37-D
Auxiliary Control Building 3 27-F
Beam Switch Yard Access 9 32-G
Central Hazardous Waste Mgmt Area 245 27-G
Central Laboratory 40 31-D
Central Laboratory Annex 84 32-D
Central Utility Building 23 31-D
Chemical Storage Building 36 29-E
Cleaning Facility Building 30 29-F
Collider Experimental Hall (CEH) 750 39-E
Communications Office 53 32-C
Computer Building (SCS) 50 32-E
Controls Building 34 28-F
Cryogenics Laboratory 6 33-E
End Station A (ESA) 61 34-E
End Station B (ESB) 62 34-F
Environmental Protection Restoration 299 28-F
Environmental Safety and Health (E,S&H) 41 30-C
Exercise Room/Shops Dining Room 27 28-E
Experimental Facilities Department Shops (EFD) 104 35-F
Gate 17 (automated gate badge required) 86 33-D
General Services Building (Shipping & Receiving) 81 26-E
Hazardous Waste Storage Area 447 28-G
Heavy Fabrication Building 26 30-E
International Services Office 53 32-C
Kavli Building 51 31-B
Klystron Gallery (Visitors Alcove, Sector 27) 2 27-F
Laboratory Offices and Shops (LOS) 137 33-E
LCLS Beam Transport Hall 910 33/34/35-F
LCLS Far Hall Tunnel Entrance 767 40-E
LCLS Near Hall 930/940/950 37/38-F
LCLS Office Building 901 37-F/G
Light Assembly Building 33 28-E
Light Fabrication Building 25 29-E
Main Control Center (MCC) 52 31-E
Main Gate (Information Booth) 83 31-B
Master Substation 16 30-F
Medical (Room 11) 28 30-E
Metal Stores Shelter 29 29-F
Orientation Theater 53 32-C
Operations Support Building 28 30-E
Panofsky Auditorium 53 32-C
PEP Beam Facility/SSRL 650 36-I
PEP Beam Facility/SSRL 730 37-C
PEP Control Room 685 33-H
PEP Interaction Region 2 (IR-2) 620 38-D
PEP Interaction Region 4 (IR-4) 640 38-H
PEP Interaction Region 6 (IR-6)) 660 35-I
PEP Interaction Region 8 (IR-8) 680 32-H
PEP Interaction Region 12 (IR-12) 720 35-B
Physics and Engineering Building 280 29-D
Plant Maintenance and Utilities 35 27-E
Power Conversion 15 29-G
Research Office Building (ROB) 48 30-B
Research Support Building 52 31-E
Science & User Support Building (SUSB) 53 32-C
Sector 30 Guard House (automated gate badge required) 85 31-F
Security Office 53 32-C
SLAC Café 53 32-C
SLC Engr. Trailer South (Fort Apache) 282 32-F
SPEAR Control Room 117 34-D
Stanford Guest House 49 33-B
Stanford Research Computing Facility 54 33-G
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lab (SSRL) 120 34-D
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lab (SSRL) 131 34-E
Test Beam Facility 121 35-F
Test Laboratory 44 30-D
User Support Office 53 32-C
Vacuum Assembly Building 31 31-F
Visitor, User, Employee Center (VUE) 53 32-C