The Hoover Institution Library & Archives Workshop Series

Each year, the Library & Archives host four workshops that bring scholars from around the world to the Hoover Institution on Stanford campus to discuss current trends in a specified area of study. The workshops’ principal resources are the unique and fast-growing holdings of the Hoover Archives. For one to two weeks, scholars research in the Hoover reading rooms, meet daily to present their current work, attend lectures, and exchange ideas over meals. Hoover workshops promote multi-disciplinary, scholarly discourse, and have resulted in numerous publications in the form of books, magazine and journal articles, blogs, and monographs. Each workshop includes lectures delivered by leading researchers and authors in the specified area of study. The workshop series includes:

The Workshop on Authoritarian Regimes

The Workshop on Latin American Studies

The Workshop on Modern China

The Workshop on Political Economy

Workshop descriptions, applications, and contact information can be found on each workshop’s webpage.