Ben Allen / Cultural geography, Internet cultures, Media theory
Cameron Awkward-Rich / Trans Studies, Disability Studies, Biopolitics, & Literature
Vanessa Chang / Media Studies, Literature, Sound Studies, Visual Culture
Alexis Charles / Gender studies, Afrofuturism, Technology, Popular Culture
Maria Cichosz / Methodology and Epistemology, Ethics, Fiction, Metaphor and Allegory
Andres Garza / Independent and Underground Film, Race and Ethnicity, Los Angeles Culture and Geography
Luz Jimenez Ruvalcaba / Women of Color Feminism; Trauma and Survival; Place, Belonging, and Dwelling; Poetry
Adrienne Rose Johnson / Utopia, Food, Popular Culture
Corey Johnson / American Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Anthropology and Travel, Globalization
Brian Johnsrud / Cultural Memory, Digital Humanities, U.S. and Middle East Cultural Relations, Ethnography
Jonathan Leal / Race and Ethnicity, Border Poetics, Ethnomusicology and Sound Studies, Decolonial Thought, Improvisation Studies
Melanie Leon / Central American Migration; Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Maria McVarish / Spatial Practice, Design, Digital Humanities, Communication
Juan Pablo Melo / Critical theory, rationalization debates, Latin American culture
Calvin Miaw / Race and Ethnicity, Political and Social Thought, Social Movements
Leow Hui Min Annabeth / Race and Ethnicity; Nation Narratives; Global Anglophone Literature
Krishna Murali / Human Rights; Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Studies
Daniel Murray / Political Theory, Social Movements, Radical Politics, Community-Engaged Scholarship
Ronmel Navas / Things Ephemeral
Chuong Phan / American Literature, Prison Studies
Laura Cassidy Rogers / Arts Research, Ecology, and Social Practice
Eric Sapp / Legal Studies
David Stentiford / Discourses of Anthropogenic Change and Intervention; Environmental Humanities; Anthropological Theory and the Environment; Science, Technology, and Society
Max Suechting / Popular culture, Electronic music, Science fiction, Posthumanism, Film/media studies
Nina Varsava / Applied Ethics, Legal Theory, Law and Philosophy
Cristopher Vazquez Muñoz / Race and Ethnicity, Decolonial Thought, Narrative, Queer of Color Critique
Paul Wallace / Game Studies, Critical Theory, Performance Studies, Space, Identity, Consciousness
Meredith Wallis / Children's Literature and Law
Rebecca Wilbanks / Science and Technology studies, History and Philosophy of Biology, Speculative Fiction
Wenfei Zhou / Modern Chinese Intellectual History, Political Development, and Theories of Democracy