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Conference Room E205

E205 can ONLY be reserved by residents of the Clark Center.

E205 is located on the 2nd floor of the East wing of the Clark Center, through door E2.3 and through the laboratory.  It is available for small meetings, presentations, and other assorted events and can accommodate a maximum of 20 people with round-table seating.

You may ONLY book E205 if attendees will be escorted through the lab by an individual with Clark Center badge access who has completed the necessary safety training.

The Clark Center is accessible between 8am and 6pm Monday through Friday.  Before or after hours or on weekends, access to the building and to the conference rooms will require a Clark Center access badge.

The event organizer and the event sponsor are considered jointly responsible for the cleanliness of the room, and any food messes, spills, undue garbage, or major rearrangement of furniture will result in a housekeeping fee of at least $250.

Room Number: 
Clark Center East Wing - Second Floor
  • No classes can be hosted in this space.
  • No more than 20 people can attend events in E205.
  • Lengthy and high-attendance events may require on-site housekeeping for a minimum of $250 for 4 hours.
  • Your event is not final until you have received an email confirmation from Clark Reservations.
Room Policy: 

Conference rooms are ONLY available to be booked by residents of the Clark Center.

Only scientifically related meetings that serve the mission of Bio-X can be hosted in the Clark Center.

No posters, banners or materials of any kind may be affixed to walls, doors or railings. Posters may be displayed on the corkboard in the seminar room lobby area, or on easels.

For AV assistance, please submit a service request form to Stanford Event Services. Please note that if you choose not to have an Event Services technician at your event and you encounter technical problems, you will still need to contact Event Services, since Clark Center does not have in-house AV technicians.

Since we do not charge a rental fee for our rooms, we expect that meetings are open to all students and faculty and that there is no registration fee for attendance. If you decide to charge a registration fee we will need to review the reason behind the charge, and you will need express approval from Clark Reservations.

The user is responsible for leaving the conference room clean following the scheduled event. If additional clean-up or repair of damage is needed, you will be charged for these costs. Please provide an account number at the time of reservation as insurance for necessary clean-up or damages.

Please note: Stanford's resources exist to support the university's missions of creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. The university's assets must be preserved for these purposes, not for the personal gain of individuals nor for outside parties' uses which do not further Stanford's academic objectives.

Verbal confirmation that a facility is available does not constitute final approval. Written confirmation is required and will be issued after all policy matters have been reviewed. If there is ever question or difficulty in accessing the facility, Security Dispatch may request to see your written confirmation. You must have a copy of the approved application available, especially for any after-hours events.