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What is the Stanford Energy Journal?

The Stanford Energy Journal is an online publication by the Stanford Energy Club focused on pressing issues
relating to energy and the environment. The Journal is published online twice a year and features 10-15 articles
of op-ed length focused on each issue’s single topic. Authors are drawn from a combination of Stanford students
representing the depth and breadth of disciplines at Stanford and the world’s foremost thought leaders in science
& technology, business, law, and policy. We believe that a diversity of author viewpoints makes a better publica-
tion and helps interconnect people and institutions with novel approaches to the challenges we face in energy
and the environment.

History of the Stanford Energy Journal

Having taken energy related classes across multiple engineering departments and the business school, Kevin
Hettrich found intersections between disciplines to be opportunities for insight, collaboration, and novel solu-
tions to difficult problems. Inspiration for a multi-disciplinary, student-run journal focused on energy and the
environment followed. Riddhima Gandhi and Kristin Landry professionalized that idea, adding experience in
policy and civil & environmental engineering respectively along with their editorial backgrounds to the team to
design and build out the journal’s editorial process. James Mwaura completed the founding team, contributing
his background in earth systems, programming, and journalism. James is responsible for the web and social
media platform for the Stanford Energy Journal that made our first publication a reality.