Data management plans FAQ

FAQ stencil, photo by Flickr user a_kep

What is a data management plan?

A data management plan is a brief (usually no more than two-page) document that describes what kind of data you will be collecting during the course of your research, how you will describe and manage the data, who the responsible parties will be, how you plan to share the data, and where you will preserve the data for the long-term. You have likely considered most if not all of these points at some time in the past, but may not have formally written them down.

Do you have any tools to help me write a data management plan?

We provide access via SUNet ID to the DMPTool from the California Digital Library. This tool is customized to provide information and links specific to researchers at Stanford. It also includes guidance specific to each of the different funding agencies and NSF directorates that requires a data management plan.

How do I get access to the DMPTool?

You already have access to the DMPTool! All you have to do is go to and click on "Enter DMPTool." From there, you should choose Stanford from the drop-down menu and click "new user," and you will be instructed to provide your name for the account. You will also need to authenticate into the Stanford network if you are not already logged in. You are now ready to create a data management plan!

Would you review my data management plan for me?

We'd be happy to. Contact us at or contact Amy Hodge, Science Data Librarian, directly to request a review. Please give us a little time to do an adequate review of your plan. If you could contact us a week before you have to have it completed, that would be appreciated.