Malcolm R. Beasley

Professor of Applied Physics, Emeritus

Research areas:


Condensed Matter Physics

Recent studies have indicated that no known superconductor is able to meet the needs of electric power applications above liquid nitrogen temperature and therefore a new high temperature superconductor is required. Along with three other universities, we have initiated a program to search for high temperature superconductors based on electronic (spin and charge) mechanisms of superconductivity, and their related physics.

Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering

The study of quantum transport in natural (single molecules and nanotubes) and synthetic (lithographic) nano-sturctures is a well established field. By comparison, the study of local quantum transport in macroscopic systems is largely uncharted territory, due principally to the lack of a suitable instrument to study such processes. We have developed practical scanning tunneling potentiometer that is well suited to this task and are not applying it to the study of quantum transport in a variety of materials.