About the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

  • What is the Stanford Woods Institute’s mission?
    Our mission is to produce breakthrough environmental solutions that protect and nurture our planet to meet the vital needs of people today and for generations to come.
  • What does the Stanford Woods Institute do?
    We sponsor solutions-focused research, educate leaders and advance environmental decisions.
  • What research areas does the Stanford Woods Institute focus on?
    Our focal areas are Climate, Ecosystem Services and Conservation, Food Security, Freshwater, Oceans, Public Health and Sustainable Development.
  • Who is affiliated with the Stanford Woods Institute?
    We have 48 senior fellows and center fellows and a further 100 affiliated faculty members. Our fellows and affiliated faculty together account for approximately 10 percent of Stanford University’s faculty and research professionals.
  • Does the Stanford Woods Institute give research grants?
    Yes. We have awarded more than $9 million in Environmental Venture Project seed grants to interdisciplinary research teams from all of Stanford’s seven schools and from 34 departments, as well as planning and research grants.
  • Does the Stanford Woods Institute have a political stance or advocate for particular policies?
    No. We are nonpartisan and provide nonbiased science-based analysis, data and opinions in neutral forums.
  • Does the Stanford Woods Institute provide environmental education?
    Yes. We provide a variety of educational opportunities to students and decision-makers. Please see our Educating Leaders section for more information.
  • Who is the Stanford Woods Institute’s audience?
    We reach an external audience in government, NGOs, businesses and foundations as well as donors and other engaged individuals. We reach an internal audience of Stanford faculty, leadership, students, postdoctoral scholars, researchers and staff.
  • How is the Stanford Woods Institute funded?
    We receive funding from Stanford University, foundations, government grants and individual donors.
  • How do I visit the Stanford Woods Institute?
    The Stanford Woods Institute is located in the Yang and Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building at 473 Via Ortega in Stanford, CA. For a map and directions, visit our Contact / Visit page.

Get Involved

  • How can I support the Stanford Woods Institute?
    For information on making a gift to the Stanford Woods Institute, please see our Get Involved / Donors page or contact Geneviève Turcotte, Senior Associate Director of Development, Office of Development, at (650) 723-1208 or gturcott@stanford.edu.
  • How do I become a Stanford Woods Institute-affiliated faculty member?
    Senior Fellows and Center Fellows are nominated by the Stanford Woods Institute’s directors and approved by the Institute’s faculty. We welcome new affiliated faculty members and invite Stanford faculty each year to become affiliated. For more information, see our Get Involved / Faculty page or contact Assistant Director of Administration Patti Hines at (650) 736-2357 or patti.hines@stanford.edu.
  • How can companies partner with the Stanford Woods Institute?
    Our Energy and Environment Affiliates Program (EEAP) offers access to advanced research, policy study, outreach and education across a broad range of issues at the intersection of energy and environmental science, technology and policy. For more information, see our Get Involved / Professionals page or contact EEAP Executive Director Steve Eglash at (650) 721-1637 or seglash@stanford.edu.
  • How can decision-makers benefit from Stanford Woods Institute research?
    We host various dialogues and workshops that offer decision-makers the opportunity to work with experts in solving environmental challenges. We also offer opportunities for continuing education, professional development, networking, and leadership and management skills.
  • How can students get involved with the Stanford Woods Institute?
    We offer undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars a variety of training and mentorship programs as well as research grants and stipends. For more information, see our Get Involved / Students page.

News and Events

  • How do I sign up to receive the Stanford Woods Institute newsletter?
    Sign up on our Newsletter page.
  • How do I sign up to receive the Stanford Woods Institute quarterly research digest?
    Sign up on our Research Digest page.


  • Who should I contact for media inquiries?
    Contact Christine Harrison, Communications Director, at (650) 725-8240 or christine.harrison@stanford.edu.

Advisory Council

  • Who is on the Stanford Woods Institute’s advisory council?
    Public- and private-sector leaders with a wide range of backgrounds sit on our advisory council. See our Advisory Council page for a list.
  • What does the advisory council do?
    The council meets twice annually to provide external perspectives, offer a critical review of the Stanford Woods Institute's current academic, research and outreach programs and plans, and advocate for and support the Institute's strategic direction and overall objectives.