Property Development

The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is the steward of a large-scale public investment, which includes important real property assets essential to BART’s operation. These assets also contribute to the ongoing financial viability of the transit system. Recent system extensions and federal, state and regional policy direction to concentrate growth around transit further enhances the value of these assets. By promoting high quality, more intensive development on and near BART-owned properties, the District can increase ridership, support long-term system capacity and generate new revenues for transit. Also, such development creates attractive investment opportunities for the private sector and facilitates local economic development goals.

In July 2005, the BART Board of Directors adopted a Transit-Oriented Development Policy (59k .pdf). Two key recommendations underpinned the adoption of the new policy:

Recommendation #1: Pursue Transit-Oriented Development, not Joint Development - BART should work proactively with cities to plan for development over a larger area around its stations that is both supportive of transit service and maximizes the value of the land.

Recommendation #2: Shift Access Approach - Developers, cities and funding agencies view BART’s application of a 1:1 parking replacement practice as a significant barrier to joint development and TOD. Refining this replacement practice and developing alternative implementation approaches will enhance development opportunities.

BART is currently engaged in 18 transit-oriented development projects at its stations, representing over $2.7 billion in private investment. Here is an overview of BART's Transit Oriented Development Projects (3.1 Mb .pdf).



The Station Retail Design and Development Standard (77Kb .pdf) is now available for your reference.

March 27, 2014 BART Board Presentation (1.1 MB .pdf)


BART Property Development Staff

Sean Brooks, Department Manager,  (510) 464-6114

Yvette McCoy, Principal Property Development Officer,  (510) 464-6888

Bruno Peguese, Principal Property Development Officer,  (510) 464-6879

John Rennels, Principal Property Development Officer,  (510) 464-6893

Paul Voix, Principal Property Development Officer,  (510) 464-6287