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Financial Aid

Financing the Stanford MSx Program is one of many crucial factors a prospective Fellow must consider prior to entering business school.

The Stanford MSx Program requires a substantial financial commitment from both the Fellow and the university, candidates for the Master of Science in Management degree are encouraged to assess their current financial situation and begin planning accordingly. Stanford GSB does its part by providing access to educational loans.

Your Financial Contribution

Stanford MSx Fellows are expected to contribute a portion of their income and assets and to think about lifestyle choices that will affect their debt level following graduation. Fellows are encouraged to repay consumer debt prior to applying for financial aid at Stanford GSB. The student budget assumes a moderate lifestyle and is not sufficient to accommodate payments for credit cards, cars, etc.

We are Here to Help

The Stanford GSB Financial Aid Office staff is available to answer questions regarding the application process and policies at any time. However, due to the large number of applications for admission, the Financial Aid Office only reviews and awards financial aid to admitted students. Upon admission to the Stanford MSx Program, each Fellow will receive access to the MSx student site where there is more in-depth financial aid information.