SGD Help: Colleague Information

Registering as an SGD Colleague adds your name to a searchable list of yeast researchers and allows you to display your name, contact information, and research interests on an SGD Colleague page. If you are the head of a lab, your name and research interests will also appear on the Yeast Labs page. When you register as an SGD Colleague, you may enter as much or as little contact information as you like. An email address is required, but you may choose not to display it on your Colleague page. SGD does not share email addresses with any other organization, and only uses them for two purposes: to send a quarterly newsletter (if the Colleague chooses this option), or to contact researchers about issues relevant to the representation of their research in SGD.


  1. Find a Colleague
    1. Colleague Search
    2. Colleague Display page
  2. Add or Update Colleague Information
    1. Name and Contact Information
    2. Other information
    3. Verifying Your Contact information

Find a Colleague

Colleague Search

To find a Colleague in SGD, enter the last name (family name) of the colleague of interest into the Search box located near the top of most SGD pages, or into the Colleague Search form. If there is only one colleague with the last name that you entered, you will go directly to the Colleague Display for that colleague. If there is more than one colleague with the last name that you entered, the program will present you with a results table of all the colleagues in SGD whose last name matches your search. Check the list for the name of interest and click on it to go to the display page for that colleague.

If you are unsure of the spelling of the name (e.g., Smith vs. Smyth), you may want to use the wildcard character (*) in your search. To find both Smith and Smyth, enter "Sm*th". This will retrieve all colleagues with last names that start with "Sm" and end in "th". If you are not sure whether one of the entries in the results table is the one you want, click on a likely name to check it; use the Back button on your browser to return to the Results table if it is not the one of interest.

Colleague Display page

The Colleague Display page displays information about a colleague. From this page, you can view colleague contact information; send a colleague email; or search PubMed for a colleague's papers.

Each colleague page presents the information that a colleague submitted to SGD. Keep in mind that some people submit more information than others; thus, the amount of information displayed will vary from colleague to colleague.

Contact information is listed first, along with associates and collaborators. If the colleague has chosen to publicly display his or her email address, clicking on the address will open a draft email addressed to that person. If colleagues are principal investigators (PI), they may list the members of their labs. Keywords and Comments are listed on the right of the page, and Research Interests are listed at the bottom.

To search PubMed for this colleague's papers, click on the Search PubMed button at the top of the page. This will generate a PubMed search for authors with the last name and first initial of the colleague of interest.

Add or Update Colleague Information

To add or update your Colleague information, enter your last name into the Colleague Search form. If you already have an SGD Colleague entry, navigate to your entry and click the "Edit" button. If you do not have an entry, click the "Add new colleague" link.

If you are adding a new colleague entry, fill in the information that you would like to be publicly available. Note that Last Name, First Name, and email address are required, but you may choose not to have your email address displayed on your Colleague page.

Name and Contact Information

Enter your last name (family name) and first name in the boxes provided. If your name has a suffix (e.g., Jr., Sr.), choose it from the pulldown menu. You may also enter your Job Title, Profession, Organization, and Address information.

If you are a resident of the United States or Canada, select your State or Province from the pulldown menus. Do not enter anything in the Region box. If you are not a resident of the United States or Canada, you may enter a Region and a Country. You may also enter telephone or fax numbers and web addresses, specifying their types by using the pulldown menus.

Other Information

  • Associates/Colleagues: There are three separate sections where you can list associates or collaborators. You can use the three different sections to distinguish yourself from being a member of a lab versus being a P.I. You can also list your other collaborators or associates.


    • If you are a supervisor, advisor, or P.I., enter the the names of students, post-docs, technicians, and other lab members in the FIRST section under "Your Associates/Collaborators".
    • If you have a supervisor, advisor, or P.I., you can enter the name(s) in the SECOND section under "Your Associates/Collaborators".
    • In the THIRD section under "Your Associates/Collaborators", you may enter any other collaborators or associates that you did not list in the previous sections (ie. associates who are not members of your lab or your P.I.).
  • Research Interests: You may enter a brief (less than 250 words) description of your research interests in this section.
  • Keywords: You may enter keywords that describe your research, such as nuclear import or biological databases.
  • Comments: You may enter any comments or announcements that you would like to be publicly displayed at SGD, such as "I will be on sabbatical from June 2011 until January 2012." You may also use this box to send a message to the SGD curator who will be reviewing your Entry/Update.

When you have completed the form, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to retrieve a verification form.

Verifying Your Contact Information

The verification form allows you to proofread your colleague Entry/Update. In the "Your Associates/Collaborators" section of the verification form, be sure to choose the correct colleagues as your associates. For example, if you entered Cherry, J. on the New Entry/Update form, on the verification form, you would see:

Colleague form example

Choose the correct colleague by clicking on the button to the left of the name.

When you are sure that all the information is correct, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to send this information to SGD. An SGD curator will process the form and contact you.

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