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Cardinal Nights


Cardinal Nights creates more options for socializing at Stanford on the weekend! Our events are collaborative, creative, fun and alcohol-free.

About Cardinal Nights

Cardinal Nights seeks to challenge the faulty normative belief that alcohol is needed in order to have fun on a college campus. We are dedicated to de-emphasizing alcohol and reducing high-risk drinking on campus.


The mission of Cardinal Nights is to shift the campus culture away from a focus on alcohol by providing premium, equally attractive, non-alcoholic social programming.

Core Values

  • Build community
  • Promote inclusion
  • Expand and support services for non-drinkers and light drinkers
  • Provide leadership opportunities for students
  • Infuse a collaborative approach to planning events on campus between students and professional staff
  • Produce data to support the importance of our programming and the impact it is having on our student community


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