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Academic Opportunities

Stanford offers Art & Art History students many opportunities to study art beyond the classroom. 

Stanford In Washington (Winter Arts Track)

In Winter 2014, Stanford in Washington launched a new track focused on art and culture in the nation’s capital.  It features full-time museum and media-related internships for Stanford undergraduates as well as new courses on the cultural politics of art. From the Smithsonian Institution to the Kennedy Center for the Arts, from the Arena Stage to the Phillips Collection among many other venues, Washington has a wide range of arts institutions providing excellent opportunities for student internships.  Stanford in Washington—Arts takes full advantage of these resources to offer students an educational and professional experience unlike any other.

In Winter 2015, Professor Fabio Berry of the Department of Art and Art History will be in residence at Stanford in Washington.  During this quarter, he will offer a course specially designed for the program entitled “From the Pantheon to the Capitol: Architecture, Cosmology, Mathematics, and Illusion.”  The course traces the history and social uses of the dome form over two millenna, from the Dome of the Rock to the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Visit the Stanford In Washington website to learn more

Summer Arts Intensive

The Arts Intensive program offers students the unique opportunity to explore their creativity in small courses without the pressures that are often felt during the regular academic year. Arts Intensive creates an atmosphere of intense artistic exploration, encouraging collaboration and innovation.

Visit the Summer Arts Intensive website to learn more

Bing Overseas Study Program

Regardless of the academic path you choose, you will be enriched by time spent in another country. This is especially true for students of art and art history, whose experiences abroad enable them to visit architectural sites, see original works of art, and engage with arts communities to broaden their understanding of the arts in unique ways that will complement their studies on campus.  Achieving cultural literacy and gaining substantive understanding of other perspectives in the world will deepen your awareness of yourself, your educational goals,  your own society and your own voice. Nearly one-half of each graduating class studies abroad through one of Stanford's overseas programs.

Visit the Bing Overseas Studies website to learn more

Arts Immersion

Arts Immersion trips give Stanford students an insider’s view into cultural capitals. Students travel with the Arts Institute Faculty Director and Programming Director for a week-long engagement with the arts, meeting institutional leaders, policy makers, and arts practitioners. They visit museums, galleries, concert halls; they see dance rehearsals, opera, and string quartets, and have a chance to meet with alumni in the arts. In the accompanying class, students study the history of the arts in the particular city and hone their critical skills for an end-of-course symposium presentation.

Visit the Arts Immersion website to learn more

Interdisciplinary Honors in the Arts

This program allows Stanford students in any major to complete a capstone project integrating a broad arts perspective and receive “Honors in the Arts.” The program features two main tracks:

  • Interdisciplinary honors within the arts
  • Interdisciplinary honors for non-arts majors

Visit the Interdiciplinary Honors in the Arts website to learn more