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Support Work-Life Integration

Female staffer with son and daughter, husband, mother and father, a professor emeritus, smiling and walking together outside.

Managers play an important role in helping employees achieve a balance between their work and personal life. Below are some resources and ideas for how you can support your employees' work-life integration.

On-campus Resources

You and your employees have access to  programs and services that support your work-life needs.

  • The WorkLife Office provides support through every stage of life to help you manage the demands of work, school, caregiving and personal responsibilities.
  • The Faculty Staff Help Center provide confidential counseling for individuals, couples and families to address both work and personal issues.

Time Off

According to a recent study covered by Stanford's Clayman Institute for Gender Research, performance, productivity and workplace satisfaction improves when employees take time off. Encouraging your team members to utilize their paid time off not only supports work-life balance, but creates a more positive and efficient workplace culture. 

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Flexible Work Schedules

Depending on the needs of your department or area, flexible work options may be an alternative to a traditional work schedule that can increase employee morale while producing cost savings, expanding customer service hours, and providing work location alternatives that positively impact commuting and parking.

Managers may consult with Employee & Labor Relations on how to develop flexible work options for your team.

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