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Executive Education

Executive Education at the Stanford Global Projects Center

In October 2015, the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange along with the Stanford Global Projects Center hosted a training for the public sector focused on performance-based infrastructure (PBI) in the water sector. The training was attended by around 50 public officials and employees from 16 utilities as well as 12 federal and state agencies. 

The program consisted of three modules:

  • Public-Private Partnership (P3) Basics: Risk Transfer
  • Long-Term Alignment, and Performance-Based Contracting
  • Evaluating Whether a P3 is Right for Your Project Public-Private Partnership Project Implementation

A highlight of presentations from these modules include:

  • Key P3 Concepts / Overview of Public-Private Partnerships P3 Options Analysis and Decision Making
  • Case Study: Seattle Public Utilities - Two Large Treatment Facilities
  • Case Study: Regina's Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project
  • Case Study: San Antonio's Vista Ridge Regional Water Project
  • Case Study: Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department P3 Procurement Approach and Process Overview

Click here to access selected presentations on the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange website.