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Computer Security, Patch, & Power Mgmt. (BigFix / IEM)

Stanford uses IBM Endpoint Manager — built on BigFix technology — to deploy patches and updates to Windows and Macintosh computers. BigFix also provides a consistent and reliable way to remotely configure power settings. BigFix is administered by the Information Security Office in collaboration with others across the University.


The BigFix Patch Management service provides the following benefits:

  • It allows Stanford to install critical security patches on computers as soon as they're made available by Microsoft and Apple and tested here.
  • Release of patches occurs after broad campus-wide testing and follows a rigorous, but rapid, procedure.
  • BigFix is an agent-based software solution. Each computer communicates with the BigFix server to determine its patch status. The server automatically applies appropriate updates once they have been released.
  • Certain basic inventory information about the computer—such as the presence or absence of critical security updates, IP address, operating system, and some hardware data—is collected. A complete list of collected information is always available.

Additional features are available for BigFix users who participate in the Stanford Power Management program:

  • It lets you participate in the university's greenhouse gas reduction efforts. The university is able to better measure energy usage by desktop computers.
  • If you need to, you can change your power management settings for the day and they will revert to your BigFix Power Management settings overnight.
  • You can change your sustainability preferences (or opt out) at any time by running the Stanford Power Management Tool.

Getting started

Patch management

Client software must be installed on all computers that are to be managed by the BigFix system administrators.

Power management

In many cases, schools and departments have adopted Power Management so, if you have BigFix on your computer, you are part of the program. If you are not automatically in the program, you can still participate. After installing BigFix, download the Stanford Power Management Tool.

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Last modified September 3, 2015