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ChemDraw for iPad

Our site license for ChemOffice Professional entitles Stanford students, faculty, and staff free access to the ChemDraw for iPad app that is called CDSL mobile (ChemDraw for Site-Licensed users).  To get a copy of the CSDL app, please see instructions below or view step-by-step video: CDSL Registration and Activation  The Chem3D app for IOS is available for free in iTunes.     

Note: The CDSL app is only supported on iOS7.

1. Creating an Account

a. On your iPad, please navigate to this URL and click on the "New User" link at the bottom of the page.

b. Fill in the required fields. In the email address field, please enter your organization-provided email address.

c. When you click "Register" you will receive and email with a link to enroll your iPad. Be sure to access the link strictly from your iPad, not your PC.

2. Enrolling your device

a. On your iPad, using the Safari browser, open the validation email and tap the enrollment link in the email.

b. Enter your credentials that you created in step 1 above and tap "Next".

c. Confirm your device details and tap "Next".

d. You will now be prompted to install the App Catalog, which is a profile with a short cut to the PerkinElmer App Catalog URL. Once the profile is installed, an App Catalog icon will appear on your home screen.

3. Installing the CDSL app

a. Open the App Catalog by tapping on the icon. This launches Safari and opens the URL that points to the Catalog.

b. Tap the "Free" button next to the CDSL icon.

c. Once the installation is complete, return to the App Catalog and tap the "Activate" button.

4. Launch the app

a. Enter the Group ID as: “188” and the user credentials you created in step 1.

b. Tap "Log In"



FAQs: Choose ChemDraw as the product and iOS as the operating system.

Forgotten Password: If you have successfully created an account and have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Password to change your PerkinElmer App Catalog password.