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Jul 17 2016
Three of our faculty affiliates reflect on the Gezi Park protests that have emerged in Turkey since May 2013.
Jan 14 2016 | Stanford Humanities | Posted In: Maghrebi Studies
The series "Negotiating French, Maghreb-French, & Jewish Identities Through Literature and History," seeking to enhance a new dialogue between different plural voices writing about multiple Jewish identities originating from France and the Maghreb.   Watch the full video here. 
Jan 14 2016 | Stanford University Press Blog | Posted In: Sephardi Studies
A Q&A with Julia Phillips Cohen & Sarah Abrevaya Stein, on a new documentary history that sheds light on a vibrant culture.   
The Office of International Affair sat down with our Koc Lecture Series speaker Suhnaz Yilmaz for an in depth interview about the Koc Lecture Series. Read here.
Jan 24 2015 | Stanford News | Posted In: Turkish Studies
Learn more about Stanford's newest Bing Overseas Studies Program in Istanbul, from a January 2014 article featured in the Stanford Report here.