Cleaning, Trash and Recycling

No doubt you have better things to think about than the fine layer of dust that has settled over your room. However, you are responsible for cleaning your room or apartment on a regular basis—and accountable for any cleaning costs and damages when you move out.

If you share a room or apartment, you are responsible for cleaning your part, and you and your roommate/s are jointly responsible for cleaning common areas. If necessary, when you move out, you will be billed for any additional cleaning costs if Student Housing staff needs to clean your part of the room or apartment. If Student Housing staff needs to clean shared areas, you and your roommate/s will share the costs.

House Cleaning

Use the Stanford Student Housing Cleaning Guide as your resource for keeping your living space reasonably dirt free and healthy. It tells you:

  • Which cleaning supplies to use for different purposes;
  • How to clean anything from furniture to floors;
  • How to quick-clean your room or apartment in 10 minutes.

Trash Removal

Please put your trash in plastic bags (do not use paper bags), tie them shut, and dispose of them in the dumpsters provided outside your residence. Do not dispose of your room or apartment trash in toilets. If your apartment building has a garbage chute, do not dispose of large items that may clog it.


Since recycling both helps the environment and keeps a lid on your rent rate, we urge you to participate in this important program. Please put beverage containers, mixed paper and newspaper, and corrugated cardboard in the recycling bins located near dumpsters at all residences.

A small recycling bin is provided for the use of each resident in Student Housing; empty it regularly into the collection bins outside to avoid attracting pests. Learn more about Student Housing’s recycling and sustainability efforts at Sustainable Living.

What you can recycle on the Stanford campus