Early Graduation, Post Graduation Quarter

Graduating Early

Contracts for undergraduates are for the academic year Autumn through Spring Quarters. Graduate students can be on either academic year or year-long contracts. If you graduate in the middle of your housing contract, you will need to submit a Termination of Occupancy form and move out at the end of that quarter.

Post-Graduation Quarter Petitions

If Stanford confers your degree at the end of Autumn, Winter or Spring Quarter, you may be able to remain in University housing for one additional quarter as long as all enrolled students can be accommodated. (Degree conferral is distinct from the awarding of a diploma, which occurs during Commencement.)

If you want to remain in housing during Winter or Spring Quarters without enrolling in courses, file a Post-Graduation Quarter petition in Axess by logging into the R&DE Portal and selecting the Forms and Petitions tab by the fifth week of the preceding quarter. The results will be announced a week later. For Summer Quarter, you do not need to file a petition but can just apply for summer housing (unless already in a twelve-month contract). While you will remain eligible for housing, you may not continue to have access to other on-campus services like the libraries or athletic facilities.

Post-Graduation Quarter petitions are not granted for Autumn Quarter because of the demand for housing during this time.


To remain in University housing as a non-enrolled student you must:

  1. Be an enrolled, matriculated Stanford student during the term preceding your request.
  2. Currently live in a University residence.
  3. Be in good academic and financial standing with the University.
  4. Have your degree conferred by the first Thursday of the quarter in which you will not be enrolled.

You are not eligible to live in University housing as a non-enrolled student if you simply audit classes or work on an honor’s thesis, honor’s project, dissertation, or outstanding incompletes before your degree can be conferred. If you are engaged in such academic work, but will not be taking classes, you may file a Permit to Attend petition (undergraduates) or a Graduation Quarter (graduate students) at the Registrar’s Office at a reduced fee.


  1. If your Post-Graduation Quarter petition is approved and you move out before the end of the quarter, you remain liable for the applicable housing charges for the entire term. A Post-Graduation Quarter grants a housing extension for the entire quarter, not a portion of the quarter. 
  2. All terms and conditions of the Residence Agreement apply during your occupancy. Your post-graduation quarter is for one quarter only. You must file a Termination of Occupancy form by the deadline and move off campus at the end of your term of occupancy.
  3. Approval of this petition depends on successful completion of your coursework requirements during the current academic quarter and conferral of your degree by the first Thursday of your post-graduation quarter.
  4. If this petition is approved and your degree is not conferred by the first Thursday of your post-graduation quarter, you will be required to register or immediately move off campus.

Eligibility requirements are subject to verification by Housing Assignments. If your registration/graduation status changes, please contact Housing Assignments as soon as possible.