Pre-Move Reminders

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Before you arrive, please review the important information in Health and Safety.

Bedbug Advisory

Until recently, not many people knew that the old aphorism “Good night/sleep tight/don’t let the bedbugs bite" was reality based. However, though once almost extinct in the United States, bedbugs have recently become a worldwide problem due to increased travel and decreased use of pesticides. Housing units such as hotel rooms and rooms in college residence halls are especially susceptible to this nuisance, and Stanford and its peer Ivy League and west coast Universities have all reported bedbug cases.

To address the problem, Stanford has developed a proactive pest management program which has been cited as a model for other schools. Though cases of bedbugs are rare at Stanford, we ask that you read our information sheet, “What You Should Know About Bedbugs,” before you arrive.

Please heed the travel precautions so that you don’t inadvertently bring bedbugs onto campus. Also, check your bed periodically for bedbugs after you arrive.

Checking Your Enrollment Status

Before traveling to Stanford, check the Axess home page to verify that no holds have been placed on your account. You will not be able to check into your residence if you have a hold or other enrollment problem. Exception: International students may check into housing before removing a hold placed by the Bechtel International Center.

If you have a hold, contact the office that placed the hold to learn what you need to do to have the hold removed. For other enrollment problems, contact the Registrar’s office at (650) 723-2041 or

If you have any problems you believe cannot be resolved before you arrive, contact the Housing Assignments office at (650) 725-2810 or Send Us a HelpSU anytime May-September