Renewing Your Contract in Graduate Housing

If you are a matriculated student and live in an on-campus residence that is open all year, you may be able to renew your contract for the subsequent academic year in a simple, one-step process that bypasses the Lottery. If you aren’t eligible to renew, or if you want to move to a new residence for the coming year, you must join the spring Lottery.

Who Can Renew

To qualify for contract renewal, you must:

  • Live on campus during Spring Quarter in a residence that is open all year.
  • Have at least one remaining year of housing assignment priority.
  • Remain in the same category of housing (i.e., single student, couple without children, or student with children).
  • Remain in your residence through summer and the upcoming year.
  • Be an enrolled, matriculated student in good academic and financial standing with the University through the year you are renewing.
  • Renew by the graduate housing first-round Lottery deadline in May.


If, while you live in University housing, your family size or status changes and exceeds the occupancy limit for your apartment, you cannot renew your contract. You must request reassignment to the appropriate type of housing.

If your status changes to non-matriculated student after you renew or have been assigned University housing, you must contact Housing Assignments immediately as you may no longer be eligible for housing.

If you are living in an academic-year contract on-campus or in subsidized off-campus housing we are not able to offer you a renewal as we may need these apartments to meet the demand from guaranteed first-year students for next year.

How to Renew your Contract

  • Log in to Axess before the first-round Lottery deadline.
  • Select Housing and Dining from the Student menu.
  • Select Renew Housing Contract and follow the prompts.
  • Use the housing contract renewal checklist if you currently live on campus with a year-round contract and want to renew.

Don’t wait until the last day to renew! Axess allows only a limited number of students to log on at one time, and the system can slow down during periods of heavy use.

Renewing with a Group

Even if you renew your contract, you can be part of a group of students who are participating in the Lottery. If group members are assigned to the same type of housing that you occupy, you can contact your Housing Front Desk to request to move to the same apartment.

Vacations and Sublicensing

When you renew, you may apply for one vacation quarter during the academic year. During this time you may remain in your residence without registering for courses. Or, if you plan to be away from campus or register in absentia during your vacation quarter, you may sublicense your room or apartment to a Stanford affiliate. There are very specific conditions under which you may sublicense your apartment and your sublicense agreement must be approved by Housing Assignments. It is important that you read the Vacation Quarter petition and sublicense information so you do not jeopardize your eligibility for housing.

Misrepresentation of Facts

The University, with cause, may ask you to provide certifiable documents of facts detailed in your housing application or on your signed Residence Agreement. Any misrepresentation of facts for housing purposes is considered a violation of the Stanford University Residence Agreement and the Fundamental Standard of Student Conduct and may result in the loss of housing privileges and/or possible University disciplinary action.