Sublicensing: Maintenance and Repairs

As a sublicensee, you are responsible for promptly reporting any needed repairs within your room/apartment by;

  1. Filing a “Fix-it” form online if you have a SUNet ID (
  2. Calling the after-hours maintenance hotline (650-725-1602)
  3. Contacting the Housing Front Desk for your residence

In University housing, all repairs are performed by Stanford University employees or contractors hired by Stanford.  You may not repair, replace, remove, or in any way modify any University-owned property or cause or permit any repairs to be performed by others.

Please be advised that by submitting a “Fix-it” request, you are giving Student Housing staff and their contractors permission to enter your room/apartment to perform the requested repair work.

Maintenance Emergencies

For a flooded room, overflowing toilet, broken faucet, shower head, or lock, or problem of similar urgency, call Student Housing emergency maintenance at (650) 725-1602.
Note: This number is staffed 24 hours a day for student housing emergency maintenance only. Please submit a Fix-it request for all other service needs.  If you do not have a SUNet ID, please contact the Housing Front Desk for all non-emergency maintenance requests.
If you call emergency maintenance after normal business hours, a voicemail service will help us pinpoint your problem and ensure the correct response. When the University’s central dispatch office picks up, be sure to give the dispatcher your full name, phone number, apartment address, and the exact location of the problem. The Student Housing duty supervisor will arrange for the appropriate response.

Helpful Tips for Maintenance Problems can be found here.

Cleaning guidelines are available on the Student Housing website here.