Summer Assignment Priorities for Couples and Families

Students living in academic-year buildings receive an automatic priority to move into a similar apartment in a different building for the summer.

  • Enrolled students have priority over non-enrolled students for summer housing in the event that there is not enough space to house all applicants in a given category of housing.  However, in most cases all students who will accept any assignment are assigned to housing for the summer.
  • Students assigned to Couples without Children or Students with Children Housing for the following Autumn Quarter may be assigned to a summer residence that they did not list as a choice on their application in order to match their summer assignment to their autumn assignment.  Summer assignments cannot be matched to the autumn assignment if the autumn assignment is to an academic-year-only residence.

Couples without Children Housing*

Summer Residence

Summer Priority Level 1

Summer Priority Level 2

Munger Studio - couples

Spring residents of Academic Year Munger Studios - couples


Munger one bedroom

Spring residents of Academic Year Munger one bedroom apartments


* There is no Law student priority to Munger for summer-only assignments.