Community Housing: Transportation and Maps

The transportation arrangements you select are determined, in part, by the distance you live from campus. There is limited public transportation, and an automobile is highly desirable. However, about 85 percent of commuting students find a place within five miles of campus, and about one-third regularly bike to school. Stanford's famous sunny climate, relatively flat terrain, and miles of bike paths permit a bicyclist to live several miles from campus (though winter rainy periods can be difficult). For most students living within three miles of campus, the central campus (Quad) is less than a 20-minute bike ride away.  Stanford encourages alternative methods of transportation and provides incentives and perks such as cash incentives to leave your car at home, Zipcars, and emergency rides home.

Stanford's Parking and Transportation Services Web site offers maps, local bus and train schedules, Stanford's Marguerite shuttle schedule, bicycle information, a map of Bay Area transit accessible from Stanford, and information on purchasing parking permits.


The City of Palo Alto has a map of mid-peninsula bike routes, including those near Stanford. Many Stanford affiliates use these bike paths to get to campus.

Stanford has a Campus Bike Shop that offers bicycle rentals, sales, and repairs.  The campus also has several conveniently located bicycle safety repair stands for quick repairs and adding air to tires.

Commuting by Train

Caltrain is a very popular commuting option. Employees ride for free and graduate students living off campus ride for a reduced price.  The Stanford Marguerite free shuttle runs between campus and the train stations.

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) connects to Caltrain in Millbrae and travels through San Francisco and throughout the East Bay.


Another option is to carpool. This is an especially attractive option if you are considering living in San Francisco. Parking and Transportation Services can provide carpool and vanpool matching through their Rides program.