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About the Sociology Major

Is Sociology for You?

Sociology seeks to understand all aspects of human social behavior, including the behavior of individuals as well as the social dynamics of small groups, large organizations, communities, institutions, and entire societies.

Sociologists are typically motivated both by the desire to better understand the fundamental principles of social life as well as by the conviction that an understanding of these principles may aid in the formulation of more enlightened and effective social policy. Sociology thus provides a strong intellectual background for students considering careers in the professions or business. Sociology can train you to answer the "what," "how" and "why" questions about human societies, past and present.

Careers in Sociology


Sociologists can become teachers at the high school or University level. As part of the academic role at the University level, sociologists may conduct research in multinational corporations, factories, banks, retail stores, government agencies, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, and countless other settings. Their findings may influence how the business world works.


Sociologists work in a variety of corporate settings as consultants, developers, and CEOs! Corporate sociologists conduct training programs and contract research for businesses and organizations; they propose and evaluate various personnel and industrial relations programs. Some are labor relations experts who serve as mediators of work disputes.


Sociologists work in research departments and participate in organizational analysis and development. They engage in research and strategic planning in departments of human resources, industrial relations, public relations, and marketing.


Many of the people who have completed our coterminal MA program work in the non-profit sector; some launch their own philanthropic organizations! The interdisciplinary nature of the sociology discipline aids our graduates in the non-profit world.

Detailed information regarding opportunities for Sociologists can be found on the American Sociological Association’s website under "Careers and Jobs"

BEAM, Stanford Career Education, is an invaluable resource!


Would you like to study organizations? Social networks? Gender roles and relationships? Family structure and behavior? Interpersonal relationships and processes? Urban development? Historical societies and economies? Rural social trends? Are you interested in social movements? Gang violence? Current immigration issues? Race and ethnic relations? Crime and incarceration? Perhaps you have questions about poverty and inequality:

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Data Science, Markets and Management Track

Sociology majors interested in a more quantitative grounding may choose to pursue the new ‘Data Science, Markets and Management Track’. This set of requirements within the Sociology BA major provides students the opportunity to study social phenomena through a computational lens. 



Would you like to supplement your education in another area of study with relevent knowledge of Sociology? For more on minor accreditation in Sociology:

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Would you like to participate in a more intensive study of Sociology than the normal major entails? The honors program is designed for exceptionally able Sociology majors who wish to pursue a year of intensive supervised independent research.

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