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The STS Program integrates research both within and outside of the classroom. STS is working with labs around campuses as well as centers like the Haas Center for Public Service and Undergraduate Advising & Research to connect majors to both research and internship opportunities. The curriculum offers majors up to 5 units of credit for participating in research at Stanford. Learn more.

The Stanford Roundtable for Science, Technology, and Society is a student group dedicated to creating and sustaining an open dialogue on the impact of science and technology on society. It aims to unite the sciences, humanities, and engineering disciplines in the pursuit of an intellectual community that cares about what scientific and technological change means for the present, the future and, more broadly, the human condition. Learn more

STS provides an arena for dialogue among students of engineering, humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences: a common ground where ideas that transcend the divisions between fields are not merely envisioned, but practiced. Learn more

Excellent communication is valuable in any field; in an interdisciplinary program it has an added specificity: to allow engineers to speak with policy makers and code designers to confer with ethicists. In the bigger picture, it allows its practitioners to make these cross-pollinations fruitful--to connect different areas of study in productive and innovative projects without losing coherence, specificity, or depth. Learn more

Careers for STS Majors

The STS major provides excellent preparation for a variety of careers. Graduates of STS have entered distinguished graduate programs, such as Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, MIT's Technology and Policy Program, Stanford's Graduate School of Business, and top-ranked doctoral programs around the world. STS alumni have forged successful careers in a variety of fields, including business, engineering, law, public service, medicine and academia. Learn more.

Intersect is an international Science, Technology, and Society peer-reviewed research journal run by undergraduate STS students at Stanford University. It welcomes undergraduate and graduate submissions at the intersection of history, culture, sociology, art, literature, business, law, and design with science and technology. Learn more