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Investigative reporter NYT. Helping cover President Trump-without fear or favor. Watching history play out, one day at a time.

Washington, DC
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    How the House voted on the bill to repeal and replace major parts of the Affordable Care Act

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    47 minutes ago
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    53 minutes ago

    Marine One lands with in NYC this evening. Wonderful time at USS Intrepid for 75th Anniv ~ Battle of the Coral Sea.

  4. Did not realize DOJ still investigated white collar crimes...Great work

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    15 hours ago

    Iraqi forces open a new front in western to try to speed counter-ISIS campaign.

  6. Cost of Trump's air travel for two weekends in Florida os $1.3 Million, documents obtained by Judicial Watch show

  7. How many reconstructs of the reconstructed House vote will be written/aired this weekend? Ready your engines....

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    9 hours ago
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    Democrats on the flood singing "hey hey hey goodbye" and waving at the GOP side, as the health care vote stands one shy of passage

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    Actually, it has just been revised. Votes were miscounted, apparently.

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    The Senate just passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill and no one really cares.

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    The Times will be counting the vote on the health care bill live. Keep this page open:

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    9 hours ago

    McSally amdt eliminating exemption for lawmakers and staff from AHCA passing unanimously. ObamaCare repeal and replace vote next

  13. Senate clears threshold needed to pass Omnibus keeping US government operating. So it will be on its way to Trump to sign

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    12 hours ago

    Rep. Erik Paulsen's office confirms he is a YES on AHCA.

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    This morning I watched a House Republican literally pry open closed elevator doors, apparently trying to escape reporters. He failed.

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    Clip/save for the next tweet from POTUS re NYT

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