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Director, Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. Formerly Deputy Legal Director, ACLU. Find my book here: .

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    Trump’s irresponsible rhetoric has given AT&T and Time Warner an opening to pose as resistance heroes but we shouldn’t buy it.

  2. “He gave me a stoic look, as though he were giving blood.”

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    Nov 20

    This extraordinary article finds that U.S. airstrikes kill civilians 31 times more often than the military thinks. Inadvertently, the article provides some clues that many of these deaths may result from the U.S.’s (flawed) understanding of the law of armed conflict. 1/

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    Nov 16

    So the fairness doctrine went under Reagan, ushering in cable news (Fox etc) now under Trump media ownership rules are being scrapped. American mania for deregulation will end up further impoverishing the media environment :

  5. Nov 16
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    Nov 16

    Senator 's next effort to secure the web: ask the internet ad networks to fix their malware problem; if they don't do it, block third-party ads on government systems.

  7. Nov 15

    Pretty clear that should be inducted into the Order of Canada for keeping a straight face during this interview.

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    Nov 14

    The question as to whether 's tweets should be construed as official statements may finally have been answered by #lawyers in a response to a federal district judge.

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    Nov 14

    Join us this Thursday for a free screening of RISK with Laura Poitras, & Maureen Ryan in person. Many thanks to & for putting on this event!

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    Nov 14
  11. Nov 14

    In Knight Institute v Trump, DOJ characterizes as “the president’s personal use of social media.”

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    Nov 13
  13. Nov 13

    This is truly horrific and should be getting much more attention. A massive humanitarian disaster caused entirely by cruelty or indifference of major powers, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United States.

  14. Nov 13
  15. Nov 13

    Supreme Court agrees to hear three important First Amendment cases--about compelled disclosures, pretextual arrests, and ideological speech in polling places.

  16. Nov 12
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    Nov 11

    Polish woman carrying a banner, "racism is a sin" is thrown out of a Catholic church where the priest is blessing national/fascists before a march

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