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  1. 58 minutes ago

    Marijuana is now more popular among teens than tobacco or e-cigarettes

  2. 5 hours ago

    Got a cholesterol test coming up? Mandatory reading here.

  3. 6 hours ago

    Can a flu shot wear off if you get it too early?

  4. 7 hours ago

    Colleges can’t meet soaring student needs for mental health care

  5. 8 hours ago

    These families are racing to raise money to fund research that might save their kids' lives

  6. 10 hours ago

    A pen that detects cancerous tissue in real time could help surgeons remove the full tumor:

  7. 11 hours ago

    Gun sellers join forces to curb suicide by firearm, rampant in rural areas

  8. 12 hours ago

    EXCLUSIVE: IBM pitched Watson as a revolution in cancer care. It’s nowhere close

  9. 13 hours ago

    Psychotherapy by emoji: Mental health community wrestles with texting

  10. 14 hours ago

    Inside the race to build a therapy for a devastating rare disease

  11. 15 hours ago

    These are professions at highest risk of suicide

  12. 16 hours ago

    How many concussions are too many for an athlete?

  13. Sep 9

    Before you send your spit and $$$ to , do read this.

  14. Sep 9

    "Confusing Trump’s behavior with mental illness unfairly stigmatizes those who are truly mentally ill." | OP

  15. Sep 9

    I helped write the manual for diagnosing mental illness. Donald Trump doesn’t meet the criteria | Opinion

  16. Sep 9

    Why are doctors plagued by depression and suicide? is tomorrow

  17. Sep 9

    Health care relies heavily on visa-holders. Here's a primer on the most common non-immigrant visas:

  18. Sep 9

    Hurricane Irma forces at least 30 hospitals across multiple states to evacuate patients. Here’s a rundown.

  19. Sep 9

    This is more than a little shocking

  20. Sep 9

    He was a quiet man. But after he died of lung cancer, his family discovered 1000's of pages of his thoughts — online

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