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Sexual Assault

Vaden offers several services for students who experience sexual assault or relationship violence on or off campus. Stanford University offers numerous additional resources. View all resources.

For life-threatening emergencies call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. For non-emergency assistance call Stanford’s Sexual Assault Hotline at 650-725-9955.

Confidential Support Team (CST)

The Confidential Support Team (CST) offers emotional support, consultation and short-term individual counseling to Stanford students impacted by sexual assault and relationship/domestic violence as well as intimate partner abuse, stalking and sexual harassment. CST is staffed by clinical psychologists and a clinical social worker. At CST you can receive information and guidance about your rights and reporting options. Confidentiality is strictly maintained. There is no charge for Stanford students.

Contact the Office

  • To access our services, call the hotline at 650-725-9955 or stop by the main office at Rogers House on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from noon–5 pm and Wednesday from 10 am–3:30 pm. Counseling sessions are held at Stanford University Medical Center.
  • At all other times, call the hotline at 650-725-9955, which is directed to a CAPS on-call clinician.
  • If you would like to contact the CST Office and are not seeking to access our confidential support services, please call our general business line at 650-736-6933.

Additional Services

  • Consultation to faculty, staff and student organizations
  • Assistance connecting to other on- and off-campus support resources

Medical Services

Students who have experienced sexual assault or relationship violence are urged to seek appropriate medical evaluation as promptly as possible. Those who are in a life-threatening situation should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

Medical Evidence Collection, Evaluation and Treatment

Students who have or may have been sexually assaulted and would like to receive a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination and Evidence Collection Kit can request to be seen by a nurse at the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose. Call 408-885-5000. Evidence collection is not done at Vaden or at Stanford University Medical Center.

In order to preserve evidence, individuals are advised not to shower, wash, wipe, change clothes or brush their teeth prior to the exam, if possible. A specially trained SART nurse will assess any physical injuries or trauma and collect evidence that may have resulted from the assault that can possibly be used by law enforcement. The nurse will provide testing and treatment for prevention of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) and pregnancy, as well as directions for follow-up medical care.

Students do not have to make a full report to the police to receive medical treatment. Deputies from the University’s Department of Public Safety can provide an escort, or students can secure their own transportation and a deputy will meet them at the location. For more information on transportation and being accompanied to a medical evidence collection examination, call

YWCA Rape Crisis Hotline at 650-493-7273 or 408-287-3000.

Medical Evaluation, Treatment and Follow Up (Without Evidence Collection)

Vaden Health Center’s medical service offers diagnosis, treatment, follow up and referrals for medical complications of sexual assault and for relationship violence-related problems. Clinicians of either gender are available for evaluation, testing and treatment for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV) and pregnancy. Appointments can be made at or 650-498-2336, ext 1. Outside of clinic hours, students should call Vaden’s on-call physician for urgent medical advice at the same number.

In some cases, medical clinicians at Vaden Health Center may be required by law to report injuries identified as resulting from sexual or relationship violence to law enforcement authorities. If there are concerns about medical clinicians reporting the incident, students should talk with medical staff.

Other Stanford Resources

A complete listing of resources for a student who has experienced sexual assault or relationship violence can be found at Stanford's notalone website.