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Preparing for Faculty Careers

Faculty Panel Members

Faculty panel explains hiring at different institutions.

Preparing for a faculty career means understanding yourself and the higher education landscape, building skills, and conducting a job search. It's never too early — or too late — to begin.

If you are considering a faculty career, tap into the knowledge and experience of the faculty, staff, and advanced students in your department or program. Take advantage of Stanford's extensive resources to explore your options, build your skills, and prepare your application materials.

Step 1: Understanding Faculty Roles

What do faculty members do? How does faculty life differ at different types of colleges and universities? What do I value? What type of faculty jobs should I consider? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you find out where you will thrive, focus on building necessary skills, and apply strategically for the jobs you want.

Step 2: Building Necessary Skills

Faculty work involves research and scholarship, teaching, and service. Much of what you do in grad school will help prepare you for your future career. You can build skills in each of these areas while at Stanford.

Step 3: Conducting a Faculty Job Search

The faculty job search is typically conducted in the last year of graduate school, and takes an entire year or more. Preparing for the job search and putting together all of the materials takes time. Start early!