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Academic Chats: Work - Life Integration - Tips on Finding the Balance that Works for You

Everyone is talking about work-life balance but what does it really mean, and what are some specific approaches you can apply right now and in the future that will make a real difference to your personal and professional enjoyment? Two professional guests who have thought a great deal about this topic will join us for a lively discussion.

Guest Speaker:


Academic Chats: How to Find Good Mentors When Starting Out as a Postdoc or Beginning Professor

We all need mentors in our professional life.  Some of them will be in our direct report lines, but others can come from other areas of our academic environment. How to identify them and form mutually productive relationships will be the topic of this chat with two professional guests that have served as both mentor and mentee in their academic careers.

Guest Speaker:


More Than a Few Good Men: American Manhood and Violence Against Women

Join the Clayman Institute for a presentation by the world-renowned gender issues and sexual assault expert Dr. Jackson Katz. The talk will tackle the difficulty of encouraging men to attend programs on sex and gender issues, as well as moving past defensiveness on the subject of gender violence. One aspect that will be focused on is educating men about these issues while avoiding placing the blame on them for centuries of sexism and oppression.


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