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Goldman Sachs Will Claw Back $174 Million From Execs Including Ex-CEO Lloyd Blankfein After $2.8 Billion Corruption Settlement

CEO David Solomon, along with three other execs, will take a pay cut while others will repay their earnings.

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Nov 12, 2020

Why Capital Markets Must Embrace Change And The Cloud

Nearly all capital markets firms talk up their ‘cloud-first strategy’, but in most cases, firms have likely migrated just a fraction of their workloads to the cloud. The time is right to accelerate their journeys and break from cumbersome legacy technology setups
Oct 28, 2020

Avanti Unanimously Wins Bitcoin Banking Charter

Avanti Bank & Trust founder and CEO Caitlin Long was all alone in her Wyoming office today as she tuned into a Zoom chat where her fate, and the fate of a new kind of bank that can handle both dollars and bitcoin, was decided by the Wyoming Division of Banking.