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Meet the new Google Maps

An experience designed to highlight what matters most to you with every search.

Get around without getting stuck

Navigate the roads like a pro. Google Maps dynamically re-routes based on real-time traffic information, and even suggests which lane to be in.


Say goodbye to gridlock

By monitoring real-time traffic information, Google Maps can help you find the best route to your destination.


Stay one step ahead

Don’t worry about missing that sneaky off-ramp. Turn-by-turn navigation and lane guidance have your back every step of the way.


Shift on the fly

Google Maps dynamically re-routes based on upcoming traffic patterns, helping you avoid traffic jams.

Welcome to the neighborhood

There’s a world of places around you waiting to be explored. Looking for a spot to eat? Browse nearby restaurants, find one you like, take a peek inside, and even book a reservation — all from inside Google Maps.


Your table is ready

With OpenTable integration, you can make reservations at participating restaurants from within the Google Maps app.


People are talking

Deciding between two places? Browse reviews and photos from locals to make a more informed decision. Or even, better, join Local Guides and share your favorite places.


See through walls

Take a look around your destination before you get there with Street View and Indoor Maps.

Your world. Like you’ve never seen it.

What is a map when it’s more than just a map? It’s a tour of the moon, a ticket to Mars, and a bird’s-eye view of Earth, from the highest mountains to the lowest valleys and everywhere in between.


The universe awaits

Check out the Milky Way, make a pit stop at Mars, and view the face of the moon. No spaceship required.


Visit any city in the world

Use Satellite and Street View to revisit where you've already been and discover where you've always wanted to go.


Get a taste of the world’s greatest sites

With Art Project, you can swing by the Palace of Versailles, wander around the White House, take in the Tokyo National Museum, and more.

Make Maps more personal

Sign in to Google to make Maps uniquely yours. Save your home and work addresses, keep track of the places you’ve reviewed, and get quick access to places you’ve recently searched for.


Spread the word

Share your local knowledge and tell a richer story by creating a custom My Map of your favorite spots near and far.


Give your fingers a break

Save your home and work addresses in Google Maps and they will auto-populate for faster searching. You can also give the Google Maps app access to your Android and iPhone contacts to quickly look up saved addresses.


Share your thoughts

Shower praise on the places you love with a review, critique the ones you don’t with a rating, add your own photos, and keep track of your activity every step of the way.

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Download Google Maps

The newly designed Google Maps app for Android, iPhone, and tablet devices makes navigating and exploring your world faster and easier.

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Contribute to Google Maps

Your contributions help make Google Maps better for everyone.

Local Guides

Earn rewards by contributing to Maps.

Create Street View

Share your world in 360°.

Hire a Street View Pro

Promote your business with a virtual tour.

Indoor Maps

Integrate your floor plans with Google Maps.