Purpose of the ACT Management Board

Vision and Mission

  • Serve as ACT’s heart and soul, providing the force for ACT to fulfill its mission of helping Stanford GSB alumni to contribute their skills, energy, and enthusiasm productively on behalf of worthy causes in the nonprofit sector
  • Supply the creativity and energy for ACT to realize its vision of a broad, diverse, and deeply engaged ACT leadership community
  • Sustain ACT and its board

Strategy and Planning

  • Set ACT’s strategic priorities and goals, working with ACT staff and the school
  • Evaluate ACT’s performance versus its objectives


  • Ensure ACT effectively communicates its value proposition to volunteers and Stanford GSB alumni
  • Be ambassadors for ACT, maintaining the organization’s connection to Stanford GSB and its faculty and students
  • Sustain and improve ACT’s relationships with the nonprofit community and its clients

Management and Professional Expertise

Help ACT staff run the organization by owning an operational area, forming a committee to assist if desired:

  • Client development
  • Evaluation
  • Management board archivist
  • Marketing channels and analytics
  • Marketing content
  • Operational reporting
  • Project screening
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Volunteer training and development

Additionally, management board members serve as a sounding board and source of expertise for ACT staff.