student studying outside in the sunshine

Life as a Sloan Fellow

Learn together. Live together. Grow together. At the Stanford MSx Program, you do all three, creating an experience that will transform you — academically, personally, and professionally.

The Stanford MSx Program goes far beyond academics. For one year, you will surround yourself with approximately 90 Sloan Fellows — and, in some cases, their partners and families, too. The Stanford University campus, with its extensive resources, and the Bay Area, with its vast natural beauty, will also contribute to your experience in unimaginable ways.

Meet the Sloan Fellows

Accomplished. Experienced. Ambitious. Sloan Fellows arrive on campus holding passports from over 30 countries. They come with diverse educational, professional, social, and cultural backgrounds. And they go on to lead national and global organizations and to serve as policymakers and diplomats, financiers, entrepreneurs, and social innovators. The relationships that Sloan Fellows cultivate in this strong community will support their personal, intellectual, and professional growth for a lifetime.

Living Here

The fact that the Sloan Fellows live in close proximity fosters greater collaboration and community — inside and outside the classroom. It also enables partners and families to contribute to and benefit from the Stanford MSx experience. Sloan Fellows have several housing options, both on and off campus, for singles, couples, and families.

Our Campus

The Stanford University campus offers an abundance of opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. You have access to engaging guest speakers, clubs, personal and career support, theater, and world music. Stanford’s state-of-the-art fitness centers, golf course, swimming pools, and miles of hiking trails enhance the living experience. We encourage you and your family to use this time, in this unique campus environment, to recharge, re-energize, and live life to the fullest.

Families Welcome

Because most Sloan Fellows are already established in both their careers and their lives, their partners and families often come to campus with them. Family members add a depth and diversity to the Stanford MSx community and also benefit personally from being here on campus.