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Research Fellowships

Fellowship Information Inventory

The Fellowship Information Inventory (FII) is an online informational database created to help EPA stay connected to current and former fellows in the STAR and GRO Fellowship programs. FII tracks important measures of success for EPA fellows, which shows the continual impact that these programs have on supporting education and STEM initiatives.

How to use FII

FII is password protected and only accessible to current and former EPA fellows. Once awarded a fellowship, EPA fellows can access the database and update their individual inventory pages. These pages are only accessible by the fellow.

Getting Started with FII

New fellows must retrieve their records within FII before logging in the first time. Records are retrieved by visiting the FII New Users page and entering the student’s fellowship identification number (Grants Administration Number), beginning with "U", "FP" or "MA" and followed by six numbers (e.g., U916000). After submitting this information, fellows can then create a personal username and password to login and access their individual data pages. The FII New Users page also provides specific instructions for updating information.

Within an individual record, different sections contain fellowship, biographical and contact information from the fellowship file. More importantly, EPA needs all fellows to update information on their post-fellowship activities, such as graduate studies, employment and scientific publications or awards. There is also room to add or edit termination comments on the administration of the program and retrospective comments on the fellowship.

FII Access