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  • CID - Episode 744 - Stuntman Murder

    • Season 5
    • Episode 744
    The karate rehearsal is going inside the auditorium; just then a man comes and starts fighting with Sameer. As they fight, everyone hears the scream. Everyone rushes and they see that a man’s dead...
  • CID - Episode 736 - Victoria Mein Laash

    • Season 5
    • Episode 736
    Three youngsters found a dead lady on a Victoria lying at Marine drive… The cut marks on the body matched with three deaths in a month… It seemed to be a case of serial killing but killer has chang...
  • CID - Episode 595 - Rahasya Benaam Sar Ka

    • Season 5
    • Episode 595
    A middle-aged woman Damini runs a racket of fraud and identity theft on a big scale. She is contacted by a man called Girish for a client in Delhi. She is told to send a young woman to impersonate ...
  • CID - Episode 735 - Dhobi Ghat Mein Khoon

    • Season 5
    • Episode 735
    Jiya, a wealthy young woman is about to get married and her wedding preparations are in full swing . However , all hell breaks loose when her wedding clothes arrive back from the laundry . There is...
  • CID - Episode 731 - CID Aur Nanhe Detectives

    • Season 5
    • Episode 731
    We see few kids playing in the school. Just then the kids see some terrorists making teachers hostage. The kids are also in danger as the terrorists are near them. Kids are watching everything from...
  • CID - Episode 742 - Khoon Ki DVD

    • Season 5
    • Episode 742
    Sid and Tanya are watching a horror film on DVD, suddenly the picture goes blank and they see a real life footage of a girl being shot dead. The girl is no other than Meenakshi, Tanya's elder siste...

Popular Episodes Play

  • CID - Adrush Zeher - Episode 762 - 24th September 2011

    • Season
    • Episode
    The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Television, is today one of the most popular shows on Sony Entertainment Television. Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, C.I.D. has captivated ...
  • The Case of the Killer Voice - Episode 528

    • Season 5
    • Episode 528
    Reena's husband Binoy is murdered in front of none othewr than Inspector Daya as he happens to be at the crime scene for his friend Kailash. But further investigation in the matter reveals rather c...
  • The Radio Mania - Episode 527

    • Season 5
    • Episode 527
    While RJ Mitasha is being threatened by an anonymous caller, her husband Dhawal is found stabbed to death in their house. While all evidences point towards Mitasha as Dhawal's killer, a revelation ...
  • Khooni Paheli - Episode 532

    • Season 5
    • Episode 532
    Two simultaneous murders take place in Mumbai. CID finds a drunken man dead on the streets on a rainy night. And as soon as they are about the narrow down their doubts on the killer, he/she strikes...
  • The Comatose Killer - Episode 529

    • Season 5
    • Episode 529
    The ICU of B K Memorial becomes a crime secen as two dead bodies are found there by the hospital staff. But when the CID reaches the spot, one of the dead bodies is missing from the ICU despite the...
  • CID - Tarika In Danger - Episode 847 - 13th July 2012

    • Season 6
    • Episode 847
    Dr. Salunkhe gets a huge shock as he observes a bluebottle fly in his break-fast which is mostly found on dead bodies thus he urgently calls his servant Balwant to verify the same later, he checks ...

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