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FightTips with Shane Fazen

What is fightTIPS? Learn How to Fight!

20,604 views 1 month ago
Hey everybody, Shane Fazen here. I'm an international pro Muay Thai fighter, Golden Glove boxer, and Tae Kwon Do black belt. FightTips is a channel that teaches step-by-step self defense tips and anti-bullying advice. Subscribe if you want to:
+Learn How to Fight
+Get in AWESOME Physical Shape
+Learn how to properly defend yourself
...but remember: violence is NOT cool, fighting should ONLY be done in self defense, and bullies SUCK!
Read My Fight Tips Guides Here: http://www.fighttips.com Show less
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Self Defense Play

All of Shane's Fight Tips can be applied to self defense from an attacker on the street. This playlist is a select group of videos that are specifically for defending yourself against someone that wants to hurt, kill, rob, rape, or abuse you. He shows you how to physically protect yourself and get out of harmful situations, as well as mental ways to avoid getting into these circumstances.

My Fight Story Play

An original webseries about the brutality of street fighting, with interviews of REAL people about REAL street fights.
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