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Be The Hero Of YOUR Life's Movie (Awaken From The Matrix)

17,832 views 3 months ago
Be The Hero Of YOUR Life's Movie (Awaken From The Matrix)
You say your life is super shitty? Super boring? Would The Matrix be a good movie if Neo was loving life and understood everything at the beginning? All amazing movies- the main character always experiences tremendous hardships. When you look at your life from a broader perspective- you'll realize you need the downs, and you need the immense challenges to make your life the most magical journey possible. If life was only good surprise after good surprise.. there would be no such thing as a "good surprise". We need the bad surprises to experience the good surprises. But what if all the "bad surprises" were actually secretly good for you? All your hardships and things that don't make sense are actually there for you to learn a lesson / grow stronger?

Once you open your mind to this possibility. Life takes on a whole new flavor. There's a possibility that you are actually living / going to live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Once you empower your beliefs as much as you can.. even if it sounds delusional, what's the worse that can happen? You start re-framing negative things as positive and you become more confident? Believe the most empowering things about what life is. When you start believing in life, you'll start to take more risks in the direction of your biggest dreams. Give life the benefit of the doubt, test it, and you might be surprised with what happens ;)

FULLY EMBRACE the hardships. FULLY EMBRACE the CHALLENGES! Become the STRONGEST version of yourself always STRIVING. This mindset will lead you to the most ultimate fulfillment, growth, love, and magic that is infinitely beyond your imagination. Become the HERO in YOUR life.

Wake up Neo.

When the puzzle connects
It's like you never forget
The way it's got to be

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Some of my inspiration for this video was from Joe Rogan:

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