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    Wish Bone
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    WTF Podcast Marc Maron
    Joe my love podcast
    RIP Pete
    My $ is on Joe
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    Should do a podcast with David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan
    because roadkill
    Joe Rogan is a great communicator and his radio talk show is great ! The power of Joe Rogan is in his ability to look beyond his own self and to recognize the world from a different perspective, that he then can communicate very well, even if he does not like the subject. Joe Rogan has a very good trick, he makes everybody to feel good about themselves even if they are bad people. It works out well in his favor. Joe Rogan can be good at anything that requires communication. Like a manager, salesman, vendor, teacher, coach and all the professions that require a balanced and friendly person that is communicating with people and mediating between them. It's his ultimate power. Thank you very much for providing countless hours of positive entertainment !
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    Thomas Hoare
    Invite Brendan Schaub, and Kanye West, so they can interrupt eachother.
    John Armstrong
    Love this podcast but it feels like it is devolving a little bit too much towards repeat comedian guests and MMA fighters. Not that I can't just skip those episodes, but I wish there was more interesting guests like scientists, futurists, authors, etc. like there used to be.
    I'd like to see Dan Carlin back on podcast.... anyone else ?
    Please can't you guys talk about the (Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer! ) from 2009 by ryan morris. just a little bit.
    Please have Peter Hitchens on
    himendra singh
    please invite eckhart tolle
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    wow that would be super epic omg
    Tribe Light
    oh yes please do one with the ET!
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    PsychedSubstance needs to get on
    Don Koovey
    Jason Chatham
    Joe Rogan should SPEAK OUT IMMEDIATELY about Dr. Michael Savage being pulled off of over 400 MAJOR Radio stations/markets by the MSM for daring to discuss Hillary Clinton's medical conditions. THERE IS MASSIVE GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP HAPPENING RIGHT NOW AND JOE NEEDS TO ADD HIS VOICE OR RISK LOSING HIS. Thanks Joe.
    Richard Leston
    Joe, next UFC video game Joey Diaz needs to be a secret character.  Come on man, use your pull & make it happen
    Dennis Fredericks
    Hey Joe Rogan ! I'm a long time watcher of your podcast and I think it's great but I also think one of the best episodes you aired in a while is the one TJ Kirk and I've followed his channel 'The amazing Atheist' since day fucking one :P But I thought he was such a great guest and your an awesome person for having him on. I think you should return the favour and be a guest on his podcast the Drunken Peasants. I think it would be a match made in heaven(I don't believe in heaven) But yeah maybe you and the guys on the drunken peasants can work something out
    Sal de Silva
    If you guys could get Sonny Bill Williams on the show in the near future it would be awesome. Freak athlete still in his prime (pro boxer, one of the greatest ruby union players and NRL rugby players to play). Get Nick Curson to work on him as well and see what happens.
    please stop repeating yourself! its fucking crazy how much you do that.  is it alzheimers?
    Nick Bunyan
    I am not a fan of that guy Jessie Ventura :/ I thought he was a bit of a nutcase
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    Nick Bunyan
    joe prob deleted it to save face, guy was a crackpot
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    Jack Mills
    Fight companion tonight?
    joseph joseph
    what about getting martin shkreli on the podcast
    Joe needs to get Eric Dollard on the show...that would be a mind bending episode.
    Would love to see Bill Whittle as a guest!
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