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League Of Children #36 - RUMBLE BOT

27,886 views 4 days ago
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Videos exposing the flamers, racists, ragers & bullies that have poisoned a once peaceful community that is League Of Legends. Edited, Filmed, Composed by Disco Heat.

Just enjoy your game, play to the fullest with your ability, try new things, enjoy the game the way it was designed. RPG elements (Masteries & Runes) for you to try and experiment. You cannot be reported for not playing the META GAME. I have been reported every single game since the Tribunal has been introduced for playing this game the way I enjoy. I have never seen a ban or a warning. So do not be afraid of the ragers and bullies trying to sheep and mould you into one of them. Be your own summoner. Once you are confident with your skill and build. Test it out in a ranked game, there are no rules about playing the META game in ranked. If you are getting bullied and picked on, ignore them and keep doing what needs to be done.

Remember: This is a video game. Not a job. Ranked or not ranked. Enjoy it.

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